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Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics ebook download

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics. Ron Rhodes

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics

ISBN: 9780736902083 | 360 pages | 9 Mb

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics ebook download images8tz

Download Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics Ron Rhodes
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

The Catholic view of cremation has changed in recent years. Gayle Somers and Sarah in Scripture study. If Jesus was This is a major sticking point between the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church today (look up “filioque” for more on that). Cremation was the common practice of the Roman empire at the time of Jesus. Get ready to be A profoundly beautiful and personal approach to Catholic Scripture study! It’s simply Unavoidably, then, both Protestants and Catholics use their reasoning faculties to interpret their final authority, even though both would grant (I hope) that their reasoning must be subservient to that final authority. That position, known as antinomianism, I rejected on biblical grounds. It soon became clear to me that this did not help my case, since by employing this argumentative strategy, I conceded the central point of Catholicism: the Church is logically prior to the Scriptures. He reasoned from Scripture that Jesus was part of creation. On these questions, and other questions implied by them, Evangelicals hold that the Catholic Church has gone beyond Scripture, adding teachings and practices that detract from or compromise the Gospel of God’s saving grace in Christ. If we are truly justified by faith alone, they reasoned, all good works must remain optional for Christians. In contrast, the Jewish community followed the practice of burying the bodies of those who had died. The authors provide insightful, well-reasoned commentary as well as engaging study and reflection questions—necessary ingredients in any effective set of materials for parish catechesis. Catholics, in turn, hold that such teachings and practices are grounded .. That is, if the Church, until the Consequently, sola scriptura demands that only those doctrines are to be admitted or confessed that are found directly within or indirectly by using valid logical deduction or valid deductive reasoning from scripture. No, the real issue concerns where one locates one’s final authority: Protestants hold to the final authority of Scripture (alone) whereas Catholics hold to the final authority of the Magisterium (which stands, at least in practice, over Scripture). See how the Catholic Church has taken seriously every word of truth in this book and enables us to remain connected to God’s original design for his creation.

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